Speak IT Into Existence

I’m a firm believer in speaking things into existence. The more you say it, the more you believe it, and soon it will become reality. This goes for both negative and positive thoughts. Speak it and it will become reality.

The thing is, it’s not about just saying it, it’s about having faith. It can sometimes be extremely hard for me to pull myself out of a negative space. Ashley and Zay know first hand and have been with me through some of the lowest points in my life. The plan for 2016 was “All Things Litt” but in all honesty, it started out horrible. With prayer and trying my hardest to keep a positive mindset gradually things are starting to get better even with a few bumps in the road. I can’t always be that peaceful incense burning zen chick, but Ashley always reminds me that it’s at those low points where I’m supposed to be the most peaceful burning my incense. At the same time, we are all multifaceted human beings who are allowed to feel different emotions. The trick is to not dwell in that one space too long or else it will consume you.

In the show Being Mary Jane, M.J. has sticky notes with motivational quotes and reminders all over the walls in her house. After seeing this, I was intrigued. I know she’s a fictional character but hey, she an intelligent, successful black woman and even though parts of her life seem to be in shambles, for the most part, these sticky notes have kept her from falling apart completely. No one’s life is perfect, right?

I decided to put my own spin on this method. No, they aren’t plastered all over my house but they are placed on half of my vanity.This way, I can read them every time I look in the mirror. They’re quotes that have resonated with me, love notes to myself, and other positive statements I want to speak into existence. My favorite being a quote from my favorite show The Walking Dead “Just Survive Somehow” which speaks to me on a deeper level than avoiding getting eaten by walkers. It’s become my mantra for my daily life.

Having these words to look at while I get ready for the day or whined down for the night have really help me keep a positive mindset. Life has been really kicking my ass and at times it seems like there is nothing but darkness. They serve as a reminder of the light ahead motivating  me to push through the day.

Maybe you don’t want to have sticky notes all over your space. I still encourage everyone to use positive affirmations, have some sort of mantra to motivate you to be better. Whether it’s career, life, health, love, happiness, or what ever the case maybe, praying or even just speaking positively can make a huge difference. Little by little the positive changes will appear in your life. Just keep the faith.

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