"How You Gonna Win if You Ain't Right Within?" Discovering the Importance of Mental Hygiene

As of lately, I’ve been on a Hey Fran Hey kick. I’ve found myself binge watching her YouTube videos, checking out heyfranhey.com, and more recently I’ve been listening to her podcast with cohost Dustin Ross and Assante’ “The Friend Zone”. Not only have I realized that Fran and I are kindred  spirits (mentally wishing she’ll adopt me as her younger sister lol), but she has brought to light  an issue that many of us push under the rug.

Many of us have the tendency to focus on our appearance, making sure everything is fleeky from our hair, to our brows, all the way down to the shoes on our feet. We even change our eating habits to healthier choices and workout to sculpt the bodies we want. There are also some of us that realize there’s more than what’s on the surface so we start reading self improvement books, go to church (or where ever you worship), watch Super Soul Sunday on OWN, or just do  what ever it takes to get in touch with our spiritual side, but deep down something is missing.  This is where Fran turned on the light bulb in my head…

We could be looking bomb af on the outside, be in touch with our spirituality to some extent, but we’re still holding on to built up emotions and baggage from the past and present that we have yet to deal with. Whether it be mistakes that were made, breakups, flawed relationships with  relatives and/or friends, financial problems, just anything that stirs up negative energy within; it holds us back from being genuinely happy with ourselves.

As said on The Friend Zone, its so important to maintain good mental hygiene. It’s so easy for people to say ‘think positive” but when you’re mind is cluttered with unresolved emotions that keep building up, there becomes less space for those positive thoughts. It even becomes harder to  believe those positive affirmations.

If you can relate, I’m here to say you’re not alone. I can personally say, I have plenty of emotional baggage. I’m also on the road to dealing with anxiety and depression. And that’s just it, the only way to become genuinely happy and at peace with yourself is to DEAL with it and not ignore  what’s really going on within you. Ashley and I created the ri-Fresh  Glo’ Up Challenge as a stepping stone to grow into our best selves but there are levels to this  shit. It’s definitely not easy and it will take time. Address your problems head on! You’ll get  through it.

I really encourage everyone to aim to be your best self from the inside out. Check out Fran’s content as well as The Friend Zone podcast which I must say is extremely helpful as well as  entertaining.

“….because who in the hell wants a musty brain?” – Dustin Ross, The Friend Zone

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