So-Fresh So Chill: A Playlist Curated by Yano of Vain Auxiliary

Have you ever listened to a playlist that was so amazing you would go as far as saying it changed your life? A playlist you had to replay a million times in its entirety to feel the full effect? A playlist so lit that even the saddest of songs makes you feel strangely good? If you have that's awesome, if you haven't that's truly unfortunate-- but we've got you covered.

"So Fresh So Chill", curated by Yano for ri-Fresh, is a playlist guaranteed to make you feel amazing. Featuring artists like SiR, Sampha and Daniel Caesar, this playlist brings you only the chillest of vibes. Click the link below and thank us later!

Listen to "So Fresh So Chill" here and check out the latest volume of Vain Auxiliary!