7 Back to School Tips: For The Grad Student with Hella Hustles

2018 has been filled with many ups and downs for both Sherri and I. Though the downs were awful, I can't say that I haven't been blessed this year. One of my biggest blessings was being invited to join the creative collective that became The Roux. The Roux is a group of creatives "who see the need for a space that encourages people of color to expand who they are, how they think, and what they are capable of. We believe that our fellow melanin enhanced creatives are dripping with under acknowledged talents."

Being a part of The Roux has been everything, but ri-Fresh is still my baby, I still work full-time,  and I'm still a full-time grad student at Pace University- I honestly had the biggest WTF moment when I thought about that. I kept trying to figure out how I was going to do it all because I had already decided I wasn't giving anything up. Truth be told I haven't totally figured it out but there are some things/practices that have been helping. Check out my 7 back to school tips below:

back to school2.png

1. Use a planner - I try to remind myself that Beyoncé has the same amount of hours in the day so I can and will be great too. I recently got a new planner (pictured below) and it has been saving my life. I make a daily to-do list on Sundays and check things off as the week goes along. I've also designated each day for an activity or task. For example, I take spin classes Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday and Saturday I read my textbooks and do homework, on Thursday and Friday I go to class, on Sunday I work on ri-Fresh and The Roux. I also workout at home on Saturdays and Sundays. 

* I get a planner that is H’EXTRA cute with stickers so I’m actually motivated to use it. I’ve had trouble in the past. 

2. Say no- My friends invite me out all the time. If I can’t squeeze it into my schedule or if I have a shit ton of work I will say no and stay TF inside. You get your work done and save money at the same time.



3. Try to go to sleep at an earlier time- Without sleep you cannot function properly. Your productivity and health will suffer.



4. Eat healthier and drink water- Like sleep, your nutrition is very important. Don’t use your schedule as an excuse. Meal prep; opt for healthier beverages and snacks. I ate horribly this summer and barely slept- I got sick twice!


5. Meditate - Literally take 5 minutes out of your day to be with yourself. I definitely had some anxiety and tears this week when I saw my syllabi. I needed to sit quietly, close my eyes and shut out the world to get myself together.



6. Practice positive self-talk- Tell yourself you’re the shit. Tell yourself you got this. When you remember who you are and what you are capable of all the work seems like nothing.



7. Give yourself a break- We’re not perfect; it is okay to fail, just get back up and continue to grind. 

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