Get to Know Sherri J & Ashley Fern: 10 Random Facts About Us!

Ashley Fern

  1. I think tacos are LIFE!

  2. The last book I read was How to Love a Jamaican.

  3. I’ve already planned my wedding even though I’m single AF.

  4. Tracee Ellis Ross is my fashion muva.

  5. I have seven tattoos, most of them pretty small.

  6. I secretly hate the taste of Henny.

  7. I am no longer trying to become an occupational therapist. I’m now in grad school studying publishing.

  8. I own an obnoxious amount of sunglasses.

  9. I was born in Jamaica but I can’t swim.

  10. Along with Friends, I now have an obsession with The Office.



    Sherri J  


1. I’m a big ass kid & can spend hours watching cartoons. (Bob’s Burgers is LIFE!)

2. I love my natural hair but I honestly don’t have patience for it. You’ll forever catch me rocking a protective style.

3. My favorite colors are rose gold & olive green. 

4. I’m going to own an art gallery one day. *speak it into existence* 

5. I only have 2 tattoos but I’m going to pop up with more than Ash one day. lol

6. I’m a podcast junkie and have to listen to The Read weekly or else I feel like something is missing from my life. 

7.  I hate clubs! I rather hit up a day party or brunch with the squad.

8. I stopped drawing/painting for about 7 years before rediscovering myself through my art.

9.  I’m first generation American to Jamaican parents and proud af of my heritage.

10. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a random song in my head.