Sherri’s Birthday Wish List

For my 26th birthday, all I really want is health, wealth, prosperity aaaand for my car’s battery and breaks to be fixed as well as an all new interior. However, for fun, I thought I’d share my “wishlist” of things I’ve been eyeing but just haven’t gotten around to buying or just haven’t been in my budget.

My list:


Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner - I heard Hey Fran Hey talk about using this shampoo & conditioner set that has left her hair soft, shiny, and smelling like heavenly Palo santo. Palo santo is known for its energy cleansing properties. I’m always burning palo santo in my room to cleanse my living space and clear any negative energy that has been following me. I’ve been wondering if this shampoo & conditioner would add an extra therapeutic element to my wash day routine and have been waiting to try it. However, I don’t think I’m willing to shell out $60 for some hair products.



Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera (Avacado) - I’ve always loved the way Polaroid pictures come out. They have this old school, vintage, nostalgic look and feel to them. Between Ashley’s Fujifilm INSTAX mini & our friend Jesse’s old school Polaroid camera, I always find myself in front of the lens. My inspiration for actually getting one of my own is watching Rellie capture all these authentic moments with hers when ever she gets the chance. I told myself last year to live more in the moment but didn’t realize how much I missed when not documenting them. This camera is a must buy!


Beats Solo3 Wireless On Ear Headphones (Turf Green) - Yes, a beauty influencer got to me. I saw Arnel Armon wearing these during an Instagram live and I’ve been wanting them ever since. They’re beautiful, sleek, and my favorite color. One day they’ll be in my possession but until then I’m chillin with my UrbanEars.


MacBook Air- Ashley and my coworkers know how much I complain about my HP laptop being total shit. It turns on when it wants to, shuts down when it wants to, and I swear what ever FBI agent is assigned to my laptop is shaking their damn head at the bullshit I go through trying to get anything done on it. All my other electronics are Apple so I might as well make the switch. Plus, I know this purchase will increase my productivity levels drastically.


Art Supplies- Okay, THIS is something I wouldn’t mind anyone gifting to me. Whether its canvases, paint, markers, sketch books, etc. it would be highly appreciated and put to good use. I’ve been rekindling my love with my art and trying to work into my career. I’m always trying to teach myself something new when it comes to my craft and being gifted supplies is always heart warming. #supportblackart