5 Free Ways to Support Your Creative Friends

As creatives who live in NYC, we definitely understand what it’s like to be on a tight budget. This is usually the main reason many feel unable to support their creative/entrepreneur friends. Here are 5 free ways to support your friends hustle:

  1. Repost/Retweet - Whether it be an event your unable to attend or a product you’re unable to purchase, someone else on your social feed might be their next attendee/customer.
  2. Put them on! - Maybe you heard about an event looking for individuals in their specific field or just someone in need of their services. Put your friend in contact with the right people & help them grow their network and maybe even pockets.
  3. Acknowledge Them - As creatives, we’re out here hustling to achieve our goals and most times it a rough journey full of uncertainty. Sometimes it just feels good to hear words of encouragement from a loved one.
  4. Word of mouth - Shout your friends out, tell someone about what they’re doing. For example I try not to attend my friend’s events alone. Not only because I’m an introvert but because I want their audience to grow. Even if I’m unable to, I was able to get others to attend. Again, you could have a new supporter within your circle.
  5. Be active on their social media - It might sound silly to some but social media is probably, if not the largest marketing source for creatives. This is where they are able to grow their audience and attract the attention of others who’d want to support or work with them. Interaction on their social feed actually matter so double tap, visit their websites, & leave a comment once in a while. It’s the little things.