Fresh Ting: Art Show/ Bashment Party (Photo Recap)

First things first, we would like to thank everyone involved in Fresh Ting. Like the site, this event was our baby, what started out as just an idea blossomed into a successful art show, pop up shop and bashment party ( big up Selecta Jigga). This event was a way for us to continue our mission of self care promotion among millennials of color. We realized we need to create a space for other creatives that looked like us.

When we first created the site it took us forever to even think of the perfect name. Our minds had been clouded by all the shit we were going through- not finding jobs, not being in school, having dreams our parents didn't approve of, being unlucky in love, dealing with crazy anxiety. It was starting to seem like life had it out for us, as if we had been awful humans in our past lives and karma wanted to come out and play. 

After realizing we didn't want to be those people who felt sorry for themselves, the site, the mission,name eventually came together. It became clear that we had to serve others who were feeling the same way- sometimes you just gotta' ri-Fresh the page to gain some clarity.

Fresh Ting was not just another excuse to turn up with our friends, but a way for us to bring together a group of creatives to fulfill ri-Fresh's mission.