Who's kitty is it? - Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential (18+)

Well, this guy I been with for forever... We aren’t official but you knowwww... Anyway, I went out and got some head from another dude.
If I was to go and say ‘Hey, another dude went face first in the place you call home.’ How would that make you feel? Would you be mad or not care? And would you stop talking to me?

If those were your exact words, I would feel some type of way just as those aren't very choice words for anybody.
Generally speaking, this question seems very label based. My opinion on labels is that they don't matter as long as there is an understanding. If it is understood that we can freely partake in casual sex with anyone of our liking, then neither of us are held to any expectations.

This allows for there to be a mutual respect as both parties are aware that there is a possibility that the other party will sleep with someone else. This will also eliminate a lot of conflict due to neither feeling played at the end of the day because of the existing understanding. Thus begs the question, is it really home, or where I just lay my head.

If it was understood that we would exclusively sleep with each other, based on your choice of words, I'd probably dead what we got going on. They kind of imply that you are under this illusion that your box is a National Treasure, but even Nicholas Cage can tell you, that is a huge mistake for any woman. But that's a different topic in itself.

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