Too Much Information? - Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential

How much is too much when sharing your love life on social media?

Social media today has become more of a curse then a blessing. In today's society, becoming Instagram famous or Facebook famous is more important to some then actually getting a degree. Social media has taken over and we've become addicted to sharing. So how much should we share of our love lives?  None, zero it's not worth it. Let's be real;  yes, we want the world to see our significant other, our boo, or whatever word we use and that's cute and adorable.

Obviously, a few updates here and there as well as major announcements are fine, however that should be all. We don't need to know that you're mad at 3 a.m. because he's asleep and your horny or that your Starbucks coffee satisfies you more then he does.

Social media is not a relationship solver. It's just for people with too much time on their hands who are being nosey when it comes to what's going on in your relationship.

Your followers do not need to know every single problem that occurs within the relationship. Ups and downs happen, but broadcasting it let's usknow that not only do you not respect the sanctity of your relationship but, you truly don't respect your partner.

So ladies, if your guy messes up keep it off of social networks. The world doesn't need to know about every little secret.