To Be or Not To Be Cuffed? - Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential 

It used to be cool to be single and in these streets, if you listen to hip hop and rap music in the 90s specifically. Now it seems it’s cool to be in a relationship. How do guys tell which is for them?

What’s funny is that I am working on a more extensive piece that will go more in depth on how the dating culture and trends have changed in the recent decades. I agree with you though, the dating and relationship trends were a lot different in the 90s versus today. It seems as though being in a relationship or having someone you assume is exclusively yours is what a lot of young adults are striving for in the recent years.  In my opinion, I charge a lot of these desires to the content of popular music along with what we see the most famous celebrities doing. Let’s face it, everyone is looking for someone to build their Jay-Z and Beyonce status, or on their Miguel and Nazanin shit. The more these celebrities reveal about their relationships in the media the more the trend following society wants to post those cuffed up pics we admire of Meek & Nicki.

Going even further, there is a growing trend in music, where artists are allowing themselves to be more vulnerable. Drake, The Weeknd, Kanye, Chris Brown, John Legend, and many more have all made music that expresses the satisfaction or lack thereof in their current or past relationships. Being that music and its content determines every aspect of pop culture today, that desire transfers to those who are listening.

As far as how do guys know which is for them, I think it’s a lot of trial and error. As fucked up as it may sound, our generation does a good job of getting into relationships rather quickly and rushing a lot of what makes a good, strong, and lasting couple because that idea of being Kim & Ye seems more achievable now that you actually have someone. Then we (guys) realize that being single was way more fun and rewarding which usually result in a break up and then both are back at square one. To simply answer your question though, the girl will determine if the relationship if for us or not. If she is worth committing to then regardless of how fast things are moving, embrace it. If not, we’ll get tired and annoyed enough to call it quits eventually. Hope this answers your question.

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