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Do guys go into relationships considering how his potential partner would mother their daughter(s)?

I won’t lie;  I was pretty confused when it came to answering this question. Despite not being married I will gladly give my input. Having three sisters myself, I am completely aware of the emotional rollercoaster the relationship between a mother and daughter can be. I would say my mom has dealt fairly well with all of hurricanes of attitude and temper tantrums thrown by my sisters. At the same time there were times when I felt like both my mom and sisters could’ve handled their beefs a little better, but who the hell am I to judge because when it came down to it, in the midst of the battles my name was Benet and I wasn’t in it. I say all of that to say that if I were to ever consider marrying someone, I would consider how my girlfriend turned fiancé would raise our daughter.

If you are doing things the right way, (and by right I mean traditional planned pregnancy after you marry your life long lover) then you want to take note of the motherly tendencies your girl has or doesn’t have. What kind of example would she set? How does she treat other kids? How well do they take care of themselves? These are all question to ask before you pick a woman you plan to share your seeds with.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t look at it as the mother raising the daughters and the father raising the sons. Both parents will come with a separate collection of values, morals, and ways of thinking they will want to share with their children and the parents will either compromise or end up having a kid confused on if she wants to celebrate Christmas or Kwanza or if her favorite movie is Soul Food or Freaky Friday.

To be completely honest though, children and  marriage are the furthest things from my mind. This may not be the same for you, but it should be. Children and marriage can wait until we figure our damn selves out and then we can find our Beyoncé or Jay and raise Blue like only the first family knows how.

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