Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential

There is a common misconception that women are complicated and difficult; we beg to differ. Guys are honestly the most complex beings on the planet. Since 2015 is coming to an end, we thought we should take some time to reflect on the year’s bullshit. However, we soon realized, all the reflecting in the world won’t stop us from thinking WTF. We really want to know what guys are thinking. In an effort to do just that, we’ve created the “Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential” series. Every Friday we will pick a question from Twitter or Instagram and one of the Fresh-Men will post a response the following week. Questions should be DM'ed to the ri-Fresh Twitter or Instagram. 

Meet the Fresh-Men:


Isaiah is a Bronx native and former collegiate athlete. He is a lover of sports, poetry and has an uncanny ability to make others laugh no matter the situation. He is eager to take on this challenge and answer all the questions that come his way.

"Talk to me nice people" - Isaiah B.



Simon is a writer from Atlanta and huge Chipotle Advocate. He recently graduated from Syracuse University and works as a freelance writer. He never lives in one place long and classifies himself as a modern nomad.  He enjoys discovering new information and riding with his windows down, usually accompanied by his two dogs Ursula and Ginger. Simon writes about anything and everything he wants and feels everyone is simply using one another to figure themselves out.