Does He Care About Your Makeup? - Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential

Do guys have a preference when it comes to women wearing a lot of makeup vs. little to no makeup?

The preference that guys have when it comes to women wearing makeup is pretty much don't do it. Most guys would rather their women not wear makeup but puts up with her wearing it due to the fact that's what makes her happy. There's a big difference between seeing your girl wear a lot of makeup vs no make up. When we fuss about our lady wearing makeup it's not to be annoying. It is simply because we know you don't need it or you've over done it and you look scary. I get that makeup enhances beauty but, sometimes it's really not needed. It's not to say that we don't think it looks good but, we're just stressing that we think you're fine without it.
As a guy, I personally prefer my women wear little to no makeup. I know the chances of that happening in today's generation is very slim but, if I met you as a natural beauty that's how I wanna look at you everyday not with a face full of makeup. Some girls be putting too much makeup on and looking like a dead zombie. The pleasure of knowing your woman looks just as good without makeup is always a good thing.

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