Askin' All Them Questions- Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential (18+)

How much of your dating and sexual past should you share with a new guy?

Generally speaking every relationship is different. Some people can handle and/or care to know information that others would rather live without ever knowing at all. In order to avoid issues when one becomes intrigued about anothers dating/sexual history, simply be both honest and accepting. When asked a question about someone you've dated or had sex with, answer with honesty. If you are asking the tough questions, be prepared for honest answers and do not be quick to judge- actually, don't judge at all.  Everyone has their baggage and discussing it openly will help you discover more about a person in the long run. Avoid trying to dig for this information yourself via facebook or instagram stalking. That will only lead to assumptions unfair accusation and the key word is "openly."  Don't be scared to ask more information about a person and don't fear being honest with your answers. This will give you the opportunity to decide if you really like someone & want to explore something further with them.

Simon U. BryantComment