Age Aint Nothin' But a Number?- Fresh-Men: Locker Room Confidential

How do guys feel about dating someone that differs from them in age?

Dating someone who differs from me in age is semi important. We all know you can't help who you love and Aaliyah said it best, "age ain't nothing but a number", but as a guy I don't want to date someone who is too young to reminiscence with and someone who is so old, I look like a baby. 

I've known some men who've said aspan of maybe 4 to 6 years is what they would feel comfortable with when it comes to age difference between them and their lady. Of course you'll find a few odds in the crowd who want their lady to be 6 plus years older then them. To some guys dating someone that's much older than them is a challenge within it self. Most men are kids at heart. Most men view older women as more mentally mature than they are. There are many men who would chase a woman much older than they are.

 As a guy when you meet a woman with whom you share a lot of  interests with the age difference between you and her is really meaningless. It maybe be huge to family and/or friends but not to the guy. Dating someone younger or older doesn't really differ from any other relationship. It's still two people who have similarities that compliment each other, at times the differences in age may become a problem but when both parties commit to being supportive, honest, and communicative the relationship will flourish.