Oh Hey, Quarter Century: 25 Goals Before Turning 26


There is something about turning twenty-five that’s makes us all reflect on the life we’ve lived thus far; I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first major milestone since twenty-one, when you can legally drink your liver away, or because you’re literally five years away from dirty thirty, the age where you sorta’ kinda’ have to get it together- or at least attempt to. 

Last year a friend of mine advised me to make a list of twenty-four things I wanted to accomplish. Though I didn't accomplish everything I was able to get a lot done, and I learned so much about myself in the process. Twenty-four allowed me to really think about the things I wanted out of life and the person I wanted to be. It was full of ups, downs, surprises, and most important, growth.

Cake Cake Cake!

Cake Cake Cake!


I leave twenty-four with even higher hopes for twenty-five, and some new goals, of course. This year I want to share my goals with everyone, so without further ado: 

1) Ace my first two semesters of graduate school #mastersmami

2) Learn to drive – I live in NYC and even though MTA sucks, it's life

3) Get my permit- I need this for goal #2

4) Focus my energy and time on the things and people that matter

5) Grow my hair out- I miss my fro

6) Cut out dairy, soda and juice

7) Get at least two abs

8) Put $150 towards my savings each month

9) Travel more

10) Learn to put lashes on and perfect that winged liner (not a top priority but a goal nonetheless)

11) Be more selfish

12) Less procrastination

13) Continue to love the way I do (twenty-four was hard AF

14) Date with a purpose

15) Write/journal more

16) Focus less on what others think

17) Wake up earlier/ more productive mornings

18) Try intermittent fasting for at least one month

19) Get involved/ more community service- at least once a month

20) Be more assertive

21) Read more

22) Master balancing school, my 9-5, and ri-Fresh

23) Continue to have a positive outlook on life - You Are a Badass, definitely helped

24) Shop less- a good sale is my kryptonite



Here's to twenty-five being just as good or even better than Cardi B's 2017!






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