What About Your Friends?

Can you believe this summer will make 23 years since "What About Your Friends" by TLC was released?! Even though this song was released several months before I was born, I've always been able to relate. For as long as I can remember friends have come and gone, which might sound really sad, but I promise it isn't as bad as you may think; I've learned a lot from those experiences.

Here are a few things I've learned about friends/friendships:

  • All friends aren't lifetime friends. Some of the people you meet will be seasonal, learn from those friendships and keep it pushing.
  • Quality over quantity. Having several half-assed friends isn't better than having one who is reliable, loving, kind and supportive.
  • "No new friends"- that entire phrase is BS. If I followed this I'd have no friends after high school. It wouldn't be wise to close yourself off from new people because you don't think they can live up to the friends you have already.
  • Everyone you meet won't be your best friend, don't be so quick to label them as such. Placing unrealistic expectations on someone will only bite you in the ass later.
  • Your friends are allowed to have other friends and significant others. The dynamic might change a bit but that won't matter if he or she is a lifetime friend. If they are seasonal you might end up cutting ties with that person, but thats okay.

All relationships require effort and friendships can be a source of great joy, but if you find that you are always overextending yourself, letting go is more than acceptable. People grow up and grow apart, that is just a part of life.

Ashley FernComment