10 Struggles of Being the Single Friend

You have to take one for the team and entertain the ugly friend

If you're not taking one for the team, you're probably going to be the third wheel

You consider blocking your friend on IG because the cutesy shit is beyond annoying

Most of your nights are spent ACTUALLY watching Netflix

"Must be nice" becomes a frequently used phrase

If you're friends with both parties in the relationship, you either have to play referee or stay awkwardly neutral during arguments

Your friendship strains once your friends get married. Hopefully you guys don't completely grow apart.

Seems like everyone is getting cuffed up, married, &/or having babies while you're still trying to figure out this adulting thing.

Hanging out with the squad barely happens anymore because it's "date night"

Constantly having to listen "cute" stories about their bae & pretending it's not getting sickeningly old