Fresh-Men Feature: Wallie & Lo, Creative Minds Behind


First, tell us a little about yourselves: 

Wallie :  I was born in Brooklyn, raised in the Bronx but designed in Mount Vernon. I've been traveling and networking across the world through out the past 5 years. My favorite place to travel was to Australia, this is because I got to go to a closed off location where there was no man made light. The water was so clear at the beach that it looked like we were walking on the stars at night.

My favorite hobbies are skateboarding (Andrew Reynolds is top 5), riding my 2009 Yamaha R1, writing poetry, and going to music/art festivals. My favorite festival was ESCAPE out in San Bernardino. My squad went with a mad max styled theme (because it was Halloween.)

Lo: I’m a professional dreamer. My journey begins in Mount Vernon, NY. I am the lead photographer & designer for the brand Lonely Floater. Art has always been a form of self-expression for me. Some of my favorite artist includes James Van Der Zee, Keith Haring & Alfred Stiglitz. Art takes me to a place where I can see things from a whole new perspective. This allows me to capture each moment and make it into something relatable to all. In my spare time, I write and perform spoken word. Poetry and spoken word not only me gives me a chance to express myself, but allows me to paint a picture with words. Even though I’ve been writing poetry a lot, I’ve recently transitioned to transforming them into songs.


What is a "Lonely Floater" and what inspired the name?

Lo: A Lonely Floater is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a lifestyle that were trying to portray here. In the life where there are many lows its best to stay afloat. There are Lonely Floaters everywhere but everyone’s balloon is a little different. Lonely Floater was inspired on a night full of frustration. A balloon which got intertwined on a tree branch on a full moon night. That image of the moon and balloon was imprinted in my mind. When it came to naming Lonely Floater. I decided to incorporate the feeling I had the night I saw the balloon.

Wallie: A Lonely Floater is anyone who’s been mistreated before, out-casted, wants to get away, or just don’t see themselves fitting in.



Why do you consider yourselves Lonely Floaters?

Lo: I personallybeen looking for my place in the world. It feels like I’ve been floating I guess.

Wallie: I consider myself a Lonely Floater because only I can push myself to be where I want to be.


Did growing up in West Indian households influence your careerchoices?       

Lo: I would say no! My parents came from Haiti with basically nothing, they worked hard and made a life for themselves. I would say if I was influenced by anything it would be work hard.

Wallie:  Growing up in a West Indian household didn’t really influence my career choice but it did influence my life.

Lo - @lo_floata

Lo - @lo_floata

Where do you see yourselves & your brand in the next 5 years? How would you have impacted the world?

Wallie: In the next five years, I see myself traveling even more than what I do now. As for the brand, I see it still being underground but highly respected within different communities. I want our impact on the world to be extremely personal. When someone sees a Lonely Floater design they should think “this guy/girl gets it.”

Do you have a favorite design? If so why?

Lo: I would say my favorite design would be the Vison Quest dad hat. Mainly because that’s exactly how it all started. It all started it a balloon floating in front of a full moon.

Wallie: My favorite design is the King of the Autumn. This is because my coach in high school would always tell me you could never tell how I feeling based off of my facial expression. You would actually have to talk to me to know what was going on. That’s why the King of the Autumn is a skull. A skull doesn’t a have muscles in its face to make a smile or a frown. It doesn’t have the ability to show emotion. And then again, that’s why I added the tear drop on the eye. To show that even though the outside seems solid the inside may be struggling.

ri-Fresh is big on self-care. What are your favorite self-care practices?

Lo: I literally live on coconut oil, water, and self-expression. I feel like it’s very important to express yourself. I also believe mental health is very important!

Ryan: I work out everyday, drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruits, I love mangos and coconut mojitos, and I enjoy being as active as I can be.

What advice do you have for those dreamers and goal chasers who are having trouble staying afloat?

Lo: Follow your dreams & have fun doing it. The journey will be difficult but stay head strong & keep floating!

Wallie: Success is a vision someone made into a reality while the ones who stayed behind and did nothing about it…are stuck being dreamers...