She's ri-Freshing: Twin Singing Duo, Sarah Claire

First, tell us a little about yourself.

S: My name is Sarah Mckenna. I am half of Sarah Claire, our identical twin singing duo! I was born just 2 minutes after my sister Claire (sorry mom). I am a vegan, an all-around animal lover and one of four sisters (sorry dad).

C: My name is Claire Mckenna. To keep it short, sweet and simple... I am a vegan, super ambitious, and passionate about our music. Oh, and I LOVE ginger chews! 

How has growing up in Queens/ NYC influenced your music?

S: Growing up in one of the most diverse places in the world - Queens, NYC - has definitely influenced me in many ways... ESPECIALLY our music! Any NYC native can tell you that you can’t escape all the different types of ethnic music, ranging from rock/pop to hip-hop/R&B. Because of these influences, my personal taste in music is very broad.

C: Hailing from the vibrant and cultural neighborhood of Astoria, we were exposed to many different cultures, styles, personalities, and sounds. Personally, growing up around such diversity has really shaped who I am today. 

What was the inspiration behind your debut single “NITE”?

S: NITE is about spiritually awakening and realizing that you do not need drugs or alcohol to be “high.” It empowers you to go into any night with an open mind, allowing yourself to truly be free by dancing the night away with confidence. Ultimately, not anything or anyone can take you off your cloud!

C: Sarah and I wrote the hook (“Here comes the night / Open your mind”) one night at home when we were feeling excited about finding our true calling. A few days later, we went to meet our manager and executive producer, Shanell Petrino, at Shy Boogs’ So Amazin’ Studio. She was very excited to show us the verses she wrote to a new idea that her and Boogs were working on. We’ve always been this connected... it was like the verses explained the meaning behind what we wrote at home a few nights before. We all finished the song together during that final session. It was quite magical, actually. 

How can fans differentiate between you two?

S: When we were babies, our mama used to tell us apart by our eyes. She always said that Sarah has sparkly eyes while Claire has soft eyes. Other than that, we obviously believe we look completely different, haha... but to other people, it takes time.

C: The people that really know us don’t even think we look alike. However, fans can differentiate us by our styles. Though we both love vintage fashion and styles, Sarah is a little more 50’s and 60’s glam, while I definitely take my influences from the 70’s. 

What do you want fans to take away from your music?

S: I want our fans to be able to feel whatever emotion they need to connect to us. That’s why our song concepts relate to being in love, moving on from a bad relationship, overcoming sadness, and finding peace. But the main message I want our fans to take away is the power in finding your freedom through faith and confidence.

C: I want our music to make our fans feel like everything is always going to be ok. I also want to transcend them from one frequency to another. We all need to be uplifted sometimes. Problem is, a lot of uplifting music can be cheesy. I believe that is where we’re different. Our music is soft, vibey and moody... but the messages are always positive. 

Is there any particular artist that you two are dying to work with?

S: I would love to work with Fetty Wap. Our producer, Shy Boogs, has actually worked with him a lot. So it only makes sense to keep it within the family. The contrast of his voice on a track of ours would be epic!

C: I’m definitely dying to work with Chance the Rapper. There’s so many reasons why, too. For one, we’ve been on the indie grind for years, so I totally respect his hustle and success. Secondly, I just know we can create magic musically! 

Self-care is extremely important to the ri-Fresh squad. What are some things you do to maintain a healthy body and mind, individually, and collectively?

S: I’m all about this question!? Self-appreciation is key!! Personally, I try to keep my body active as much as possible. Not only to stay fit, but to relieve stress. For example, taking time to dance and touch base with your inner child is so important. I also love walking around the city and doing yoga. Nutritionally, I’m vegan. Therefore, I have to be conscious about getting protein into my system. Claire and I always help remind each other of this. Otherwise, we end up getting moody and nag at each other all day long, lol.

C: Being healthy is extremely important to me, both on a physical and spiritual level. As I mentioned before, I’m vegan and make a strong effort to eat the right kinds of foods. I also like to go running outside in nature as often as I can. Spiritually, I practice vipassanā meditation daily. Anddd... at the risk of sounding cliché, I do yoga every morning.


Check out their music below!