Fresh-Men Feature: DJ Clue and Randy Parker (DJ Esso) Introduce the ClueLace

Instagram | @thecluelace

Instagram | @thecluelace

We had the pleasure of interviewing New York DJ, DJ CLUE, and DJ & Entertainment Manager Randy Parker (DJ Esso) about their latest business venture ClueLace. 

Why shoelaces?

C: One of the key members of my management team Randy Parker been trying to get me involved in branding for some time now, when he came across the shoelace, he immediately brought the idea to me, I thought it was a great idea and wanted to move forward.

 R: We chose to do shoelaces because it's an untapped market . It's also low cost and high profit margin . Therefore we could be the first of our kind . It's a niche market I felt we could potentially dominate using our hip hop background .


How did you come up with the design and can they be worn with any shoe/sneaker?

R: The design came from my partner JD Stewart, who has been a guru in the fashion industry well over 20 years . And yes they can absolutely can be worn worn with any shoe or sneaker . Matter of fact , the fact they are no tie laces contributes to comfort and a level of cool . It's designed for kids , but any hip adults can enjoy slipping on their shoe easily with a firm hold on the foot . 


Both of you are involved in the music industry, how does music influence fashion and how did it influence the making of ClueLace?

R: For me music influences everything . I use the changes in music to keep my hand on the pulse of society. This is needed for many reasons, comfort , fashion and security of your foot . And life now is all about comfort and exclusivity. And we have that . 

C: Music influences fashion through the singers and the rappers. Hip hop is a lifestyle, so whatever the artist is partaking in at the moment, will set the trend. It has influenced the making of ClueLace because the style right now is all about comfort, and Our No Tie Laces represent comfort. 

DJ Clue

DJ Clue

 What does the phrase “for us, by us” mean to you?

 C: We must create our own, and support our own. And by us meaning Minority. 

As black men in a competitive industry, how important is self-care to you? What is your favorite self-care practice?

C: Appearance is very important to me and self-care is a major part of that, hygiene is a major factor in the corporate world. It could determine whether people receive you positively or negatively. Frankly who wants to be around someone that doesn't even take care of themselves. We'll that's just me! 


We know that launching a new product/business can be stressful at times. Were there any stressful moments in the making of ClueLace? How did you combat that stress?

R: The main obstacle was the communication with our factory in China . Getting the samples to the point that we were ready for production . Then trying to figure out our best marketing strategy . As this product appeals to kids , seniors and the hip hop lifestyle . And being the first African American shoelace company , we chose to strategically unleash the product to market to leave a lasting impression, so that it will be legendary. 

Randy Parker (DJ Esso)

Randy Parker (DJ Esso)


 Are there any other ventures that our readers should look out for?

R: I almost forgot . We do have another venture. We are doing a documentary on DJ CLUE and the evolution of the mixtape. Created be he and I. Directed by Malcolm Jones and written by BlogXilla . Look out for that. 

 Do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?  

R: My words of advice for all entrepreneurs is to keep going . Never stop . Those of us who don't succeed are the ones that quit .