She's ri-Freshing: Erin & AJ of Vital Information

 First tell us a little about yourselves. 

We met our freshman year at Stony Brook University. We were in the same freshman seminar. AJ is from the Bronx. Erin is from Brooklyn. We left Stony Brook in the second half of our sophomore year and transferred to schools back in the city. AJ works in Fashion. Erin works in writing. We both love laughing & dishing out well deserved shade. 

How did Vital Information come about? What makes your podcast so “vital”?

Vital Information came about because we listened to podcasts a lot & realized that our conversations mirrored those podcasts in a lot of ways. We feel like our opinions are funny but relatable. Our podcast is vital because we say a lot of the things people say in their heads but not out loud. We can offer up different points of views & have a good time while doing it. 

How do you keep listeners engaged?

We try to keep listeners engaged by asking for their input. When we started off it was really what we came up with & we realized we had to let listeners feel us out & know what we're about before they came with suggestions and questions. 

You ladies are hilarious! Has growing up/living in New York influenced your humor? Are you ever worried that listeners won’t understand that New York sense of humor? 

New York City DEFINITELY influenced our humor. New Yorkers are just different & there's even more variables when you throw in the 5 different boroughs. You come across so many characters & at some point it all just becomes laugh worthy. We find our humor in the fact that no one situation is unique in this city. Something that happened to us, has most likely happened to anyone. Of course we have different colloquialisms and style and all of those things influence us as well. 

 We don't necessarily worry about whether people won't or will understand our New York sense of humor because the things that happen to us are universal in some respect.  It might not be a train story or something you saw in Times Square but we've all crazy situations happen.

What do you enjoy most about working with your best friend? What have you learned about each other?

It's organic. While we have a structured format these are topics we have been talking about for years, and being able to share that with people who think we are funny makes it so much better.  We've learned that we aren't as similar as we thought! It's something we learn every week especially in the question portion of the podcast. 

Do you have any advice for friends hoping to create a business/brand together?

Communication an honesty are incredibly important. Working with another person isn't easy and you may have completely different styles when approaching a situation so transparency is necessary. Make sure its a natural fit. Also make sure the work isn't the only reason you see each other. It quickly turns a friendship into a business arrangement and takes the joy out of it. 

Self-care is extremely important to the ri-Fresh squad. How does your self-care routine allow you to keep your podcast going from week to week?

We are huge proponents of personal time. We both consider ourselves introverts and need silence and alone time to recharge. Also not making everything we do about the podcast. Sometimes browsing stories online because it is something we enjoy and not making it work related.

Check out Vital Information below!