She's ri-Freshing: The Fourtress

From L to R: Kiara, London, Candice, Tierra                                                      Photo: @visualsavage

From L to R: Kiara, London, Candice, Tierra                                                      Photo: @visualsavage

1) First tell us a bit about yourselves.

Kiara Bass:

Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Kiara Bass works as a Fashion Publicist for contemporary brands in NYC. She's an avid listener of podcasts and enjoys reading up on social and tech trends. Kiara is also a alumna of Hampton University where she studied public relations and sociology.  Her favorite part of being a part of the Fourtress is "bonding daily with three other black women to create great content."

Tierra Taylor:

Tierra Taylor is the creative assistant at ESSENCE Magazine and the creative director of The Fourtress. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from Syracuse University. She is a Sin City native, matcha lover, and tv/entertainment guru. She is excited about the space that she helped create with her roommates because it exemplifies what dynamic content women of color can create together and encourages more to do so.

London Coleman-Williams:

Helming from the Mile High City, London lives in the world of PR and social media in the Big Apple. As a Lifestyle Publicist and Digital Coordinator, she works on a variety of lifestyle brands and personalities in the the entertainment, fashion and hospitality space. She's a lover of quotes, finds happiness in interior design and believes a good heel is always the answer. A proud alumna of Hampton University, she received her B.A. in Strategic Communications and Marketing. Her favorite part of The Fourtress is that it's a space for women of color made by women of color, "it showcases black women and their glow up, allowing girls that look like us to feel a part of the process, I love that."

Candice Elle Frank:

Candice Elle Frank is a media enthusiast from Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently the Social Media Coordinator for ABC daytime's talk show "The View." She graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Television Production. She loves dancing, traveling, and anything Beyonce! "I love being a part of The Fourtress because it celebrates the black woman. As a black woman in her 20s, the "glow up" has been quite the journey — amazing, yet often complicated (a true learning experience). The Fourtress recognizes this journey and highlights its beauty while instilling confidence in young black queens. It's been brightening my view on life at this age and makes me more appreciative of the journey every day."


2) What inspired you ladies to create this platform?

Funny enough we were sitting on the couch one weekend (wine in hand), and just started talking about influencers, black women, our growth and the social media space as a whole - the end result was deciding to dive head first into creating a social space created for women of color, by women of color, that would not only highlight our journey, but also encourage others to join with us. It was born out pure spontaneity, dope black women...and wine, you cannot discount the wine.

                                                                                                                             Photo: @visualsavage

                                                                                                                             Photo: @visualsavage

3) Which unique attributes/skills do you all possess to make your collective work?

As we’ve grown, we’ve each honed in on specific roles that correlate with both our passions and what we do in our day to day jobs. We pull from each of our expertise, which is nice because we all have different strengths. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of how we each contribute to The Fourtress.

Kiara Bass - Account Director

The glue, from agendas to time management, Kiara makes sure the team is on track. She calls meetings, arranges the calendar and also falls back on her PR expertise, leaning on her great industry relationships to help grow our following.

Tierra Taylor - Creative Director

The creative, though we all contribute content ideas, Tierra brings them to fruition. She makes graphics pop, is the queen of editing, creates shot lists, and is responsible for the look and design of The Fourtress as a whole.

Candice Elle Frank - Content Director

Caption queen, she keeps everyone coming back to the page and is behind the tone you see on The Fourtress. She also handles video with Tierra, manages all content and gives direction for all of our Instagram story content.

London Coleman-Williams - Publicity Director

The voice, London handles media relations for The Fourtress. From general outreach and incoming inquiries to creative pitch angles and partnerships, she’s a go to for questions and the gal behind the email.

4) How do you all balance your career/day job with The Fourtress?

This is probably one of the two questions we get asked most - next to, “What do you have planned next?” The fact that The Fourtress is a passion project, birthed out of wanting to curate a space of all of the things we love, makes balancing the workload so much easier. We’re big advocates of the mantra, “Make your passion your paycheck,” and are doing our best to get there. We meet weekly, twice a week when we were in full swing with #ProjectQueenV, and we also dedicate our weekends to photoshoots. Our photographer,  Brennan Savage (@visualsavage), is always a part of the process (major praise to him). Then on the day-to-day, we are always engaging and trying to grow our platform. If you follow us, you’ll see daily news tips from our #FourtressFour, catchy captions from Candice, and of course, stunning graphic work from Tierra.

                                                                                                                             Photo: @visualsavage

                                                                                                                             Photo: @visualsavage

5) How did #ProjectQueenV come about? Is it an ongoing project and how can others get involved?

Serving others is all a part of the glow up, there is no glow if you aren’t uplifting others throughout the process. As a whole, we knew we wanted to give back, and of course, we know we wanted to help women, so we came up with #ProjectQueenV, which allowed us to packed 100 packages of feminine products for women experiencing homeless. Though the campaign is over for this year, we will have another one next year and are looking to incorporate other service projects as well.

6) What are your thoughts on the surge in the feminist/girl power movement? Where do you think women of color fit in?

We are all about it! And women of color? We are at the forefront! Just glowing and sprinkling melanin everywhere we go. Black women have always been strong, game changers and enveloped in confidence - but now we are screaming it at the top of our lungs and making sure that everyone listens. We are the Yara Shaidi’s, the Traci Ellis Ross’s, the Michelle Obama’s, the Zendaya’s, the Elaine Welteroth’s, the Tarana Burke’s, the Maxine Waters’, the Issa Rae’s...The Fourtress’ of change! There are too many women to name (to include Beyonce and Rihanna) and so many women to look up to. We couldn’t be more proud to be women of color and to be a part of this movement.

7) What are some things that you do to maintain a healthy mind and body, both individually and collectively?

God, meditation, wine...and working out (in that order lol jk). But truly, if there wasn’t a trust and understanding of knowing that the world is bigger than us and that you can’t walk around everyday with that weight on your shoulders, then nothing would be possible. As twenty-something goal diggers, finding a way to decompress is imperative for our growth as individuals - it’s a journey nonetheless, but each day we grow a better understanding of ourselves and we have learned to fall in love with the process. Plus if you, “Drink more water, read books, speak and think positively, do some squats, build a stronger relationship with God, and mind your business, ” you’ll be alright.


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