She's ri-Freshing : Model, Creative Director, Rellie


How did you get your start in the modeling industry and how did you branch out into your other roles?

This is always a funny, question because modeling has never been something I wanted to do seriously. It's more just been dropped into my lap. In college I did a few shoots with my friends and I would post those on social media. Then one day my good friend Panda of AnmlHse asked me to model for his clothing line and things just kept coming along!

Being an attractive girl on the scene honestly makes it very easy to receive opportunities, I'm fortunate to have met a lot of talented and successful people willing to listen to me and offer advice. Father of Awful Records was the first to allow me to do casting for the "Young Hot Ebony Remix" video, quickly followed by Tash Patwary of VERYRVRE who asked me to assist in A$AP Rocky's "JukeBox Joints" video (I screamed when I saw my name in the credits) . I've been truly blessed because of the people who trust my creative vision. I've aided in some creative directing/casting for the black owned jewelry brand Lost Queens, as well as PURE VISIONS Inc. which a great new blog for young WOC. Right now I've been dabbling into a little bit of everything from modeling to now hosting.

I'm the host of a dj collective called HOT ACTIION, (which consists of myself, DJ Alternate Ears and DJ Marvelito ) who's honestly  the greatest group of people I've worked with in this scene. We're doing a lot and plan on doing more! I honestly never expected for modeling to thrust me into all these opportunitiess but i won't fight it.

How did the idea of the #FruitSelfie come about?

#Fruitselfie started off as a twitter conversation between my friends Nat and Malcolm on a discussion about what type of nudes we would like to receive. Someone suggested eating fruit, and the imagery stayed with me. I love fruit and its my favorite thing to eat that's sweet, seeing I don't like candy or pastries that much. So almost every meal I eat, I usually get some sort of fruit to eat. So early Snapchat days before stories existed, I would send a handful of people pictures of me eating fruit seductively and hashtag it #Fruitselfie and surprisingly enough people started sending them back. Like I would get 20 a day and I would post them via Twitter or Tumblr.  It's been going on for almost four years now.


How did you get started managing DJ Nolita and rapper, BigBabyGucci ?

Basically I tweeted my way into it! BigBabyGucci was the first to ask. He's been an online friend for almost a year on "Hoe Twitter" and he approached me to help his blooming rap career. My previous attempt at managing hadn't been successful so I was very hesitant but I agreed because honestly BigBabyGucci has a ton of potential and truly a sweet boy so why not? Nolita shortly followed after I suggested she DJ for BigBabyGucci. Now we are a big happy family. My two baby stars and myself.


What do you believe is the key to using your network wisely?

I honestly don't think there's one key, but my recommendations are:

Don't compare your success to anyone else, your success will come when you're ready.

Be nice,be professional, be respectful I've watched so many burn bridges and block blessings for being rude or "real" to a person they thought were beneath them or irrelevant. I feel like anyone and everyone who supports you is an important member of your team. Every person plays a part in your success even if you don't think so just be humble, be grateful, work hard. and try new things. I've done so much because I've been told how much they enjoy my positive attitude and my eagerness to learn new things.

How do you find balance with all of your many roles and your personal life?

I don't, my whole life is a mess! Fun fact, I've been a theater kid since I was young so staying composed is my forte. 

I'm at a point in my life that I'm slowly picking up the shambles that is my personal life as my career is coming together. You can't always have your cake and eat it too huh? 


Do you feel like you've found your calling? If so, when was your "ah ha" moment? 

I think I've come closer and closer to my calling, this is just my tipping point. I have a lot of things I want to do and these are all just the start to the end game. Doing the YHE video was the real "Rellie you can really do anything, so stop being scared" and now i just keep jumping into things head first.

What is your self care routine?

Man this is tough. It fluctuates. I like being alone a lot doing nothing. I feel like I'm constantly helping and doing things for others that i forget to breathe and focus on myself a lot. I like days where I have no plans, no where to be, no emails, I can just sit in my bed smoke some weed in my underwear and order takeout. Then there's days I get extremely lonely and I need to go see my friends to help ease my thoughts. I find a lot of comfort in being with my family, my friends, and that's special someone (when he's behaving). I get overwhelmed a lot and bottle up my feelings a lot, and it's a work in progress. I'm learning to express myself more and it's helping me learn to love myself a little bit more and unapologetically.


[Photos by Brandon Davis @brandingdavis