She's ri-Freshing: Ashley of Curls Fo' The Girls

First, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ashley; I’m a NYC native and LOVE anything beauty related!

How long have you been natural and how has your natural hair journey impacted other areas of your life?

I’ve been natural for 4 years now. My natural hair journey has definitely influenced how other people view me. My hair is big and blonde, so it attracts a lot of attention. I also like how people come up to me about my hair and start asking questions. I’m ALWAYS down to chat about hair or winged eyeliner! I’m just amazed that people value my opinion when it comes to haircare, methods, and products.

How did Curls Fo’ The Girls come about?

Curls Fo’ The Girls came about after my graduation vacation in 2013. Lots of friends wanted me to start blogging during my last year of undergrad, but I wasn’t sold on the idea. When I finally decided to blog in September 2013, i needed something catchy. I remembered a photo I posted on Instagram with the caption “Curls for the girls” and knew that should be the name. However, I did some research on Instagram and realized that the curls for the girls hashtag was filled with posts about bicep curls, so i dropped the ‘r’ in for. Thus, Curls Fo’ The Girls was born! Plus, i feel like people are so lazy in language and it just rolls off the tongue.


What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome since creating your brand?

For one, I’ve had to come out of my shell. I’m very quiet around new people, so getting out of that was hard. Also, finding my voice and finding ways to set myself apart from other bloggers were some of the other obstacles I faced. Once I found my voice and starting making new friends, I felt more comfortable. Having big, blonde hair also helped!

What advice do you have for brands trying to increase their social media presence?

 Find your voice. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of bloggers/brands, but there’s plenty of room for everyone! Also, good content. Everyone won’t like your style, but if you’re relatable, you’ll find your way and people will find you.

We love your blonde hair! Do you have any tips on maintaining healthy color treated hair?

Being blonde has honestly been my favorite part of my journey. It’s a lot of work and there are no shortcuts involved, but it’s so worth it! For one, it’s important to seek a professional stylist for color. They have the knowledge and tools to achieve the desired look, while maintaining the health of your hair. Staying on top of treatments + trims are also important. I deep condition weekly and do a protein/strengthening treatment every 6-9 weeks. I also trim my hair every 2.5-3 months. Some people cringe at my schedule, but it works for me. My stylist trims the VERY ends of my hair (1/8 of an inch, IF she trims that much), and I’m able to maintain my length, which is the goal, and my shape!

The ri-Fresh squad is big on self-care. What are some things you do to relieve stress?

When I’m stressed, I talk it out or I unplug from the world. Sometimes that means putting the phone down and getting extra sleep, or staying in bed and watching movies. Getting out of the house and seeing friends, or my boyfriend, also helps because it allows me to put myself in a different environment and breathe so I can function without losing my mind!


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