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From Victim to Victor: A Professional's View on Mental Health

As you read this content, please be mindful of transparency. The purpose of my transparency is to capitalize on the importance of honesty and disclosure for healing and awareness. I remain honest with myself to exude a genuine approach to my personal view on mental health. Every person that is meant to read this post will stumble across it in just the right time. Think— “What can I get out of this post today? Can I share this with someone who may take something from it?”

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What 2017 Gifted Me

With a new year comes new goals, new challenges, new aspirations and of course reflections on what the past year has left us with. This past year I graduated college, I successfully took on two new jobs, I made money doing things I love, I helped people when I could, nurtured relationships that mattered, distanced myself from ones that didn’t and I finally began to see more of the person I’ve been aiming to be. 

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Self Love & Knowing My Worth

Women are often given credit or props for "taming" a man. My worth determines my requirements and my standards ensure all requirements are met. If they have to be lowered in order for you to qualify with hopes that one day I'll successfully tame you and finally get what I deserve, then you are not the man for me. I don't find that as a victory in having to force a grown man to give me the treatment my very essence should naturally demand, but not everyone is worth my essence.

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