What 2017 Gifted Me

With a new year comes new goals, new challenges, new aspirations and of course reflections on what the past year has left us with. This past year I graduated college, I successfully took on two new jobs, I made money doing things I love, I helped people when I could, nurtured relationships that mattered, distanced myself from ones that didn’t and I finally began to see more of the person I’ve been aiming to be. With 2017 I was able to reach a new peak of self love and acceptance, wherein I am learning to accept who I am, what I do and where that places me with others. Often times we are so consumed with what other people think of us that we allow those thoughts to influence how we act, when what really matters is how we see ourselves through them.

Do you like who you are when in this persons presence? Do you feel like a better or a worse person? Are you able to be yourself around them? Do you do things you don’t want to or shouldn’t when they’re around? Does your energy suddenly feel depleted when they enter the room? 
For me energy and acknowledging how I feel doing certain things in the presence of certain people is becoming an indispensable characteristic of my decision making and maintenance of relationships. Not everyone is conducive to your personal growth and it is imperative to understand that is it ok to let these people go.
I learned that no matter how other people may feel about the things I do, that I am the only one who truly has to live with my decisions and therefore they should be exactly that, MINE! Within the past year (more like my whole life if I am honest) I have held back from doing things I wanted to do because of how other people felt and the fear of judgment, but the older I get the more I realize that not only do people project their own fears onto you, with their “no that won’t work” or “I don’t think that’s a good idea”, they also live their OWN lives. So while I may be over here obsessing over what people will say about me they’re out doing them, with me being the furthest thing from their mind. Time will pass and people will come and go, but we are stuck with ourselves until the day we perish so shouldn’t we be content within? I think so! My goals are to be more of me, to become truer to myself, make my wants and needs a bigger priority, get better at this self love thing and share what I love with whoever will receive it. 
For anyone who reads this I want you to know  it is ok to say no just as much as it is ok to say yes, it is ok to choose a path no one understands, it is ok to deviate from the plan sometimes, it is ok to love who you want, it is ok do things for yourself, it is ok to give to others and it is most definitely ok to put yourself first.

The past few years have shown me that self awareness is rare and that no one wants to look at themselves for fault in what’s going wrong, but 2017 has taught me that there is nothing wrong with accepting your own fault just because others don’t. Lead the way don’t fall in line! I accept that the only person standing in my way is me, and for 2018 I vow to push myself out of my own way. I acknowledge that there will be setbacks and everyday will not go as planned, but I promise myself that I will consistently make the effort and you should too.