Self Love & Knowing My Worth

Women are often given credit or props for "taming" a man. My worth determines my requirements and my standards ensure all requirements are met. If they have to be lowered in order for you to qualify with hopes that one day I'll successfully tame you and finally get what I deserve, then you are not the man for me. I don't find that as a victory in having to force a grown man to give me the treatment my very essence should naturally demand, but not everyone is worth my essence. I've been learning that I have to be selective with the people that I allow in my circle. You learn the most about yourself when you kinda just submerge into yourself. Into your thoughts and experiences so you can re-evaluate what you've done. Just take the time to reflect on everything and all the relationships that you've been in. If there is a constant pattern that you’re maintaining then there is something that you have to change to start having the kind of relationships that you deserve. We all deserve nothing but THE BEST! Starting over with someone else should be the last thing on your mind. What you need to do is start over with YOURSELF! No one can save you, but yourself. Just as much as a relationship can build you up it can tear you down. We're all human and we all have an imperfect nature, we all have eyes and minds, but there is a certain understanding, connection, and commitment that should be present when it's real.

My Tips:

  1. Know what you want.

  2. Don't entertain someone because it's something to do.

  3. If your hurting from a breakup focus on healing not dating the next person.

  4. NEVER SETTLE no matter how good the person looks if they not helping you build up your account or staying out of trouble leave them alone.