Journey to Achieve Perfect Faux Locs - Boho Locs Review


For the first time in years, I’m 100% satisfied with my hair. Ever since I saw Megan Good with her goddess locs I’ve been on the search for the perfect way to achieve my own bohemian goddess look. The first time I attempted goddess locs I loved them but because my hair is so fine, I couldn’t achieve the fullness I wanted without the risk of putting too much weight on my hair strands. Weight = potential breakage/bald spots and I’m definitely not having that. Also it took me 10 back breaking hours to install and 2 painful days to take down.

Last summer, I did some research & found a hair stylist who installed “bohemian locs” using human hair and no tension on the hair follicles. All her reviews were impeccable and the style was said to last 6 months before needing a touch up before rocking the style a few more months. My crazy ass paid almost $500 for this install. Was I satisfied? 87%. Do I regret it? No, but never again. My locs were still not full enough but I kept them in 3 months before I got bored and my hair has never flourished within a protective style the way it did with those locs. My hair stayed moisturized and saw at least 2 inches of new growth with increased thickness.

I moved on to my weaves and wigs still with the thought of achieving the perfect faux loc style in the back on my mind. I would always see girls with crochet faux locs but I honestly hate how unnatural they would look. One day I came across Boho Locs on instagram and was instantly intrigued. It took months of being reluctant to pay the $177 for them but I finally caved and it was totally worth it. I’ve looked everywhere and I have not come across any other brand like them.

For those who don’t know Boho Locs is a UK based hair company that creates handmade crochet locs with their two signature styles being Boho Goddess Locs and Boho Mermaid Locs in various colors in either bob or mid back length. Founded by Lulu Pierre, they pride themselves for being black woman owned. As their website says, “this shit is for us” and I’m totally here for it.

Let me walk you through the whole Boho Loc process:

First of all, I ordered their Mermaid Locs in the color Brauburn which is a mix of brown and auburn with honey blonde highlights. I placed my order on Thursday and received them on Sunday. For this to be a UK based company that was extremely fast especially for free standard shipping to New York.

Lately, I’ve been too busy/lazy to do my own hair. It’s gotten significantly longer and thicker; I just don’t have the time. I decided to reach out to my girl Chelsea to install it for me. If you decide to invest in Boho Locs, Lulu makes it extremely easy to install by sending you links to her tutorials with step by step instructions on how to install it yourself + demo videos on her YouTube and Instagram page. However, if you’re as lazy as I am or incapable of cornrowing your hair (I can’t cornrow my own hair tight enough for shit) you can always get someone else to do it for you. If you live in the NYC, lower Westchester area I definitely recommend Chelsea. She’s the sweetest person ever and SLAYED my hair!

Lulu also sends you a link to prep and care tips for your install. Again, making this process as simple as possible. She recommends using the LOC method (no pun intended) on your natural hair to ensure your hair stays protected and moisturized while in your protective style.

Before my install, I washed and conditioned my hair using Garnier Fruitis “Triple Nutrition” line.

I then did an oil treatment using the greenhouse method with coconut oil. (The lazy girl’s protein treatment because again, I have no time for my hair.)

L - I used Aunt Jackie’s Quench leave-in conditioner.

O - I used Wild Growth Oil from root to tips

C - I used Eden Bodyworks Coconut Curl Cream to seal it all in.

Boho Locs are installed individually around the perimeter of the head and crocheted on the inside. This creates the more natural, fuller look that I’ve desired. The install took Chelsea about 3 hours to complete compared to the 10 hours of my previous attempts. While installing, she mentioned the fact that these locs loop in more securely than other crochet loc brands which is definitely a plus. There were even locs and loose strands left over when she was finished which will be great when I need to touch up the front of my hair.

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about my Boho Locs. I’m 100% satisfied with my look and customer service is impeccable. This will definitely be one of my go-to looks and Lulu will be taking my coins!

To purchase your own, check out and check out their Instagram @boholocs 

Also follow my girl Chelsea on Instagram & book her to install your style @cd. ____

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