First Impression: Carbon Coco

Activated charcoal has been praised as the holy grail as far as natural teeth whiteners come. I've always wanted to try it because I wanted whiter teeth without the sensitivity. Lucky for me,  a few months ago we were sent a package from Carbon Coco, an Australian owned company, that *drum roll please* ... specializes in natural teeth whitening. 

Please excuse the wrinkled T-Shirt; I literally just rolled out of bed!

We were sent Ultimate Carbon Kit, which now retails for $44.95 ($89.95 before a huge price reduction). It includes everything you see in the photo above, the activated charcoal powder, toothpaste, instructions, and a super cute blue toothbrush (not pictured). Though we were sent this kit a while back I was not able to do the review until several days ago. I decided to try the kit before an event this past Sunday. My thoughts are listed below:


1) Directions were really easy to follow, brush with the powder and toothpaste for 3 minutes each- The website says 2 minutes.

2) Amazing packaging!

3) 100% Natural

4) My mouth felt clean after brushing with the toothpaste.


1) Messy application.

2) The toothbrush cut my gums - I'm not sure if I brushed too hard or if the toothbrush needs to be softer.

3) My gum-line still had the charcoal powder even after brushing with the toothpaste.


I can't say much for the whitening as I just started the process. I will follow up with an update in two weeks! 


Ashley FernComment