Skincare Review: PurpL Goat by Taiann Eiland

Last year, while scrolling on my Instagram I happened to see fellow blogger Janáy J. ( raving about an artisan skincare brand called PurpL Goat. I quickly went to the site and placed my order, not just because I'm an impulsive shopper but also because until then nothing I've ever tried had successfully cleared up the acne on my chest and back. 



PurpL Goat is the shit- hands down, and I'm not saying that because it makes me feel better about my lack of self-control when it comes to online shopping. Each product is made with all natural ingredients like tumeric, known to even out skin tone, and charcoal, a great detoxifier. 

I've been using the products below for several months and they are now staples in my skincare regimen. After using the soap on my face and body, I follow up with the toner and serum. Once a week, usually on #selfcareSunday, I use the mask after washing my face. Though my acne hasn't completely gone away (pizza will be the death of me), my face, chest and back feel softer and look brighter. I also experience fewer break outs than I did before. 


On top of the amazing ingredients, the prices are also surprisingly affordable in comparison to other natural skincare brands. There is currently a 10% off of $50 promo! If you enjoy a sale as much as I do head on over to the site; your skin will love you for it!